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    Model daily reload failure



      We are having issues with the daily refresh of our Qlikview models. Currently we are using a batch file to refresh all of our models. On random days the batch won’t complete executing. Some models will get refreshed and the QV.exe will hang trying to refresh a model but nothing happens. When I end the QV.exe process the rest of the models get refreshed. Then I refresh the problem model and it refreshes perfectly. This failure happens randomly about once a week to any model. Is this a known issue?


      We are currently using Qlikview 11.2. The batch file worked perfectly in our previous version of Qlikview (8.5) and we never experienced this problem.


      The reason we are using a batch file to do the reloads is because it allows us to kick off the batch file on completion of our SQL ETL jobs. We looked into using the Management Console to reload our models but it seems you have to use a fixed time to kick
      off the schedule.