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    Gap between "if" and set analysis

      Hello everyone,


      I have a graph with this expression :


      =sum( if(Abonnement_paiement='EMV'  and (Abonnement_Offre_nom='1 An'   or Abonnement_Offre_nom='1 Mois'

      or Abonnement_Offre_nom='1 Semaine'  or Abonnement_Offre_nom='1 Jour')  , Compteur_abonnement_OK))


      I want to put a set analysis instead of it, here is the expression I've tried :


      =sum({$<Abonnement_paiement= {'EMV'}, Abonnement_Offre_nom={'1 An', '1 Mois', '1 Semaine', '1 Jour'}>} [Compteur_abonnement_OK])


      The problem is that I don't get exactly the same results.

      I don't get why..

      What's the difference between those 2 expressions ? Which one is correct ?


      Thank you for your help.