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    Sending Excel attachment same as PDF

      Hi All,


      I want to send an Email with excel attachment to 2 different people in two different Department. I have written a macro and it is doing the task when I click the button by directly opening the dashboard/access point.


      Is there any option to call this macro after executing the job(i.e reload)  in QEMC, so that I can do a loop and distribute by business unit.  I had given the trigger on PostReload and run through external task, but unable to do the loop and distribute.


      Please let me know if you need any more information.


      Note : Business doesn’t need the PDF option here.




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          Giuseppe Novello

          Not sure if anyone had a different results or solution, but note in Qlikview reference manual pg 905, " Macros Functionality Limitations" -


          The following types of functionality are not to be used in the QlikView Server environment , as they may

          cause unexpected results:

          l Layout operations acting on the properties of sheets and sheet objects via SetProperties

          l Operations changing document or user settings

          l All operations related to the script, including Reload

          l Data reduction operations, e.g. ReduceData

          l Operations such as Save and Open document


          The following triggers are not to be used in the QlikView Server environment, since they lack meaning or

          may cause unexpected results:



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            Ashfaq Mohammed



            I think the only way to send excel file is via MACRO.

            for PDF you can schedule.