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    QVS service off duty after server restart

      I've searched through some of the threads, but haven't really found an answer.  The situation:  Our services are split between 2 Windows 2012 servers, on with QVS and QVWS (App server) and DSC, QDS, and QMS (Pub server).  Over the weekend, both servers were restarted.  This morning when logging in to Access Point, users were receiving a message saying that there was no server.  Checking Management Console, QVS was off duty, but when I check the servers, all of the services were up and running.  To fix the situation, I had to manually stop and restart the QVS service.  Each time the App server is rebooted, the QVS service goes off duty and it has to be stopped and restarted.  What is causing this, and what can be done to prevent it in the future?