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    Horizontal Bar Chart - Values on Data Points - Misaligned

      Misaligned values on data points.JPG.jpg

      As you can see from the image above, I have a horizontal bar chart with some of the expression values on the data points and some on the x-axis.  The values on the x-axis are misaligned, though, so that in each group the first and second value overlap (the 1 and the 2).  I've tried this with other values and the same problem seems to come up.  There doesn't seem to be a way to align the axis itself to give more space to the first value.


      Has anyone come across this problem before?  Were you able to solve it?


      This is the only way I could figure out to get the values 1-7 to show up for each of my grouped values--if there's a better way of doing that than making it an expression, I'm happy to hear it!