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    Using a variable in set analysis

      I have set a Current Month variable:


      vCurrentMonth= Month(Today(2));


      Which works in a text object, it shows "Jun" which is what I am looking for.


      The expression I use the variable in is as follows:


      =Count( {$< EndMonth =  { '$(vCurrentMonth)' } >} [Assignment ID] )


      Which results in zeros. But if I type Jun in place of the variable I get the correct data.


      I've tried:


      =Count( {$< EndMonth = { '=$(vCurrentMonth)' } >} [Assignment ID] )        Shows all data as if there was no set analysis

      =Count( {$< EndMonth = { ='$(vCurrentMonth)' } >} [Assignment ID] )        null values

      =Count( {$< EndMonth = { $('vCurrentMonth') } >} [Assignment ID] )          null values

      =Count( {$< EndMonth = { "$(vCurrentMonth)" } >} [Assignment ID] )         null values

      I'm all out of ideas for why this isn't working. Can anyone see a mistake in the syntax or have any insight for why this variable is not working.