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    is it possible to have too many tables in a qlik model?

    Mario Rubbo

      I have an app modeled as a straight-star schema. There is 1 fact table and about 30 dimension tables. My initial dashboard has 2 widgets which only use 1 pairing of dimension and fact at a time ( dim1 + fact, dim2 + fact, etc.). Most of the dimensions are role-playing dimensions. After aliasing my dimension table 27 times, the speed of dashboard has gone down dramatically.


      My question:

      Does any query against a subset of tables cause Qlik to evaluate all the associated tables? I.e. even though I only care about the association of dim1 + fact, is it also somehow calling the other 26 dimensions?


      I know that Tableau works that way when using the direct db method. Namely, any query against any individual table in the model causes a SQL statement with all the tables in the model joined. Does Qlik behave similarly to this?