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    Partial Sum to Exclude line item

      <body><p>Hello All,</p> <p>I am creating a chart where I am reporting sales for Team,Supervisor and Team members. </p> <p>Because a supervisor is a member of a team , supervisors sales will also have sales to be reported. </p> <p>I have a requirement that I should be able to exclude supervisor's sales from team total. </p> <p>How do I achieve this? Is this possible using partial sums? If yes , How? Please help. </p> <p> </p> <p><col width="39"></col><col width="67"></col><col width="125"></col><col width="40"></col> <tr height="17"> <td height="17"></td> <td class="xl22"><br /></td> <td class="xl22"><br /></td> <td class="xl22" align="right" x:fmla="=SUM(D2:D6)"><br /></td> </tr> </p> <p> </p></body>