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    Straight Table and p() Expression & Dimension

      I’m trying to capture data from a list box of selections, list every combinations of accounts that have sold these product item sets, and store those in a straight table.

      For example, say you select 3 products, I want to know the count of the accounts that have sold any combination of these dynamically:


      # of Accounts

      Product 1 & Product 2 & Product 3


      Product 1 & Product 2 (no Product 3)


      Product 1 & Product 3 (no Product 2)


      Product 2 & Product 3 (no Product 1)


      Total Accounts



      I’m test this to see if I can make it work on just summing the sales:

      =sum({$<[Accounts] = p({$<[Products From Table 2]={$(SubField(vProducts,'^',1))}>}[Accounts]) - p({$<[Products From Table 2]={$(SubField(vProducts,'^',2))}>}[Accounts])>} Sales)

      But, would want the account count distinct that have sold these combinations. Make sense?


      See also ppt attached.