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    Show All Sheets And Objects

      Macro To Show all Sheets and Objects hidden in Qlik view Document ?(not read only).

      Basically, is there a macro for Ctlr+Shift+S in Qlikview API ?

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          Shawn Ho

          I don't believe you can override security settings via macros. It would be disastrous if you could.

          And if the application is accessed via the QlikView Server, all users are treated as USER which means no access to document security.


          Perhaps re-evaluate the reason behind this requirement.



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              Hi Shawn-Qv

              Thank you for your response.

              I am developing an Qlikview Application and I want the information about all the sheets and objects that are hidden or not.

              Is there a way to achieve this ?

              Problem arises in using Objects = ss.GetSheetObjects and when I try to extract information from different objects on the sheet i.e copy bitmap to clipboard etc. In the case of the hidden objects it constantly copies the last unhidden objects image to clipboard.

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                  Shawn Ho

                  Lokesh, I'm still not quite sure what you're trying to achieve.

                  What kind of information about the sheets and objects are your after? Number of objects? Object IDs? Exporting of multiple objects?


                  The Expression Overview would be a good place to start as it will give you a full list of objects which contains an expression, hidden or not.


                  Otherwise, I think Rob W. has a document analyzer app available for download.



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                jagan mohan rao appala

                Hi Lokesh,


                Instead of going for a macro you can show/hide a sheet or object  using a variable and buttons


                Create a variable using  Settings Menu -> Variable Overview and create a variable


                vShow =1


                For sheet:

                Sheet Properties -> Show Sheet -> Select Conditional and give =vShow


                For Object:

                Object Properties -> Layout -> Show -> Conditional -> and give =vShow



                Now Create button and

                Button Properties -> General -> Text -> Give If(vShow = 1, 'Hide', 'Show') ->

                Actions -> Add-> External -> Set Variable -> Variable = vShow

                Value = =If(vShow =1, 0, 1)


                Hope this helps you.




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                  Ashfaq Mohammed



                  Apart from what jagan has suggested,

                  If you want to display all sheet objects.

                  Go to Document properties -->Security --> select Show all sheets and Objects.


                  It will display all the objects even they are hidden.