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    What if analysis

      Hi Community,


      I'm new to qlikview.Can anyone explain about what if analysis in detail along with a perfect example.Please help me in this if anyone knows.Thanks in advance





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          Satyadev Jaiswal



          Some links in attached file for you on What-If Analysis.

          Additionally, there are some videos on you tube. Go through it, you will get better idea.



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            If you installed a qlikview personal edition, go to program files - qlikview - examples - documents - executive dash board.

            go through the What-If analysis tab - it is self explanatory.


            what if analysis:

            If the Volume changed by x%, then how will revenue affected,

            what should be the organizational scenario in respect to the change in volume.


            for example:

            Exchange rate between dollar and rupee will change according to time.

            In what-if analysis, we can analyse the scenario of revenue, if Exchange rate increases or decreases.