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    Two limitations on graph



      To show are customers, who receive the worst on time performance from transport companies we work with, I'm working with the following graph:


      Graph Qlikview.JPG.jpg


      On the horizontal axis, I have the following calculated dimension:

      Consignee&' - '&ConsigneeCity


      I am using the following expression:


      Count( {< [On time + 60 min = {0} >} DISTINCT [PO Number] ) / Count( DISTINCT [PO Number] )


      In my script, I already have formulas that show if the truck is on time (On time + 60 min = 1) or late (On time + 60 min = 0), so I could implement this in my set analysis.


      My problem is as follows; in my dimension limits, I already put that the graph only shows the 20 largest values (so only the 20 customers with the weakest performance). However, I also want the graph to only show the customer who received at least 5 orders ( = 5 PO Numbers). The problem is, I'm combining excel files from 10 different transport companies, and one customer can be served by multiple transporters, so I don't think I can integrate this in my script. I tried to adjust my expression to the following:


      = if (sum( Aggr ( Count ( [PO Number] ), Consignee, ConsigneeCity)) >= 5,

      Count ( { < [On time + 60 min] = {0} > } DISTINCT [PO Number] ) / Count ( DISTINCT [PO Number] ), 0 )


      But this doesn't work. Can anybody help? Thanks!


      (Other short question; at the moment the labels on my horizontal axis are aligned left. How do I align them right, so that they start at the bar?)