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    Getting same property value from two different extension object

    Some Nath Roy

      Dear Team,


      I have created a very basic extension object that includes a button object. The functionality is that, if a user clicks on that button from QV doc, it shows a user name that have been set in extension propert defined in Definition.xml file. This file contains the code as:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

      <ExtensionObject Label="GCI.Validate Object" Type="object" Path="EXTN2">

          <Text Label="User Name:" Initial="" Type="text" Width="90%"/>   

          <Initiate Name="Caption.Text" value="Service Table" />


      If I placed one extension object in QV doc it works fine. But in case of multiple extension object placed in a sheet generate the issue.

      I have set different username values in property for two different extension objects placed in same sheet as below. But when I press either of the button, getting only 'Santose' as user name in message.

      Also PFA for Script.js file. Any help would be highly appreceated.