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    Dimension based in another fields



      I need to create a calculated dimension where, the dimension I need to use, is "controled" by the Year selected.

      I have several dates in my system, but only one relates directly to Master Calendar. So I use Year (YYYY) in my list box, Month, etc..., from Master Calendar.

      I have a chart where I need to use a dimension called DueDate (YYYY-MM), and its possible that this YYYY from DueDate doesn´t match Year from Master Calendar because they come from different fields.

      I have another Year extracted from DueDate called YearDueDate (YYYY).


      The point is that I need to use Year in selections, cause most data responds to it, but in some charts I need to use DueDate, where YearDueDate equals Year.

      Example: RegistID=15201; Year=2014; DueDate=2013-10; YearDueDate=2013.

      When I select Year=2014, my chart presents also this type of cases because they Year matches 2014, but in fact their DueDate is 2013.

      I only want to show DueDate´s that match Year Selected.

      Is this possible in calculated dimension, or another way? Till now couldn´t find a way by myself.

      Thanks in advance.



      Bruno Silva.