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    Daniel Pereira

      Hello Everyone


      We have multiple clients, each client has their own DB and QVW, we installed and configured Access Point but it requires to create user in our domain and maintain their passwords, we would like to avoid that task, we want the client to maintain their users and passwords.


      What could be the best approach to accomplish this


      Thanks in advanced for your help

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          Mohammed Ashfaq Ali


          This is something that need to me managed by QlikView Administrator


          There are many ways to achieve the same. But at the end QlikView Administrator need to manage the same


          1) Local Directory (Which you already work with)

          2) Active directory (If your server is connected to domain, then you can use your available active directory, your sysadmins will mange it)

          3) DMS (You can use custom directory available in Qlik, again user need to be maintained in qlikview server, this is not suggested for larger setup)


          In short you cannot give control to end user to maintain their credentials,




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            Daniel Pereira

            Thanks Ashfaq, we used DSC and configurable ODBC to read users from a DB and we are going to create our own portal that will do authentication and use webticket for authorization