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    Re: Expressor QlikView connector error

    Rapti Bhowal

      i have  problem on run time


      dataflow controller - ETASK-0017-N: Using Desktop license for QlikView Expressor Processor; resource utilization limited. (etask.controller)

      QlikView Expressor dataflow execution utility (etask) n (Build 26528) Dec  2 2013

      <task dataflow="Dataflow1">

      <!-- project.home[(null)], project[..] -->

      <step id="0" step_name="Step_1" process="9676" run="0" status="ok" start="2014-06-22T11:20:38">

      Read File 1 - OPERATOR-0050-F: toolId 1.0, name 'Read File 1' - Exception 'ChannelIOException' occurred in the 'initialize' function. (Dataflow1.Step_1)

      Read File 1 - CHANNELIO-0011-A: Open failed for file 'C:\QlickView\QVEDemo2013\data\Plnt1.xls'  - 32 (The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.). (Dataflow1.Step_1)

      Read File 1 - OPERATOR-0003-F: toolId 1.0, name 'Read File 1' - the 'initialize' function failed. (Dataflow1.Step_1)

      Read File 1 - ETOOL-0006-F: operator 1.0, type in-file, name 'Read File 1': etool failed, phase runInitialize. (Dataflow1.Step_1)

      Read File 1 - ETOOL-0016-A: operator 1.0, type in-file, pid 1160 - initialize() failed. (Dataflow1.Step_1)





      dataflow controller - ETASK-0038-F: Processing has completed abnormally. (Dataflow1.controller)


      Can u please suggest