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    Using QV Server 10, weekend vs weekday

      Hi All,

      I can't figure out an easy way to do this, but I have a loader program that runs and builds qvd's. I also have a lot of reports that are reloading, some very big. So I'm getting collisions.


      I've tried setting schedules to wait for the 'last doc' to finish, but I'm trying to setup a monthly schedule. Things like first Sunday of the month, or every day except Saturday & Sunday, which scheduler doesn't have. Infuriating.


      Should I be writing a control script to control this every hour or what have you? Or am I missing some functionality that could help?

      I've been looking at triggers, but I don't see how they could control an external event like reloading a document, and I don't see a 'trigger' screen/button or anything in the QMC.

      Any help would really be appreciated.



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          Paul Verkooijen

          Hi Dave,


          First of all, the document is in the wrong forum (Qlikview Jobs)


          If you don't have a Publisher license reloads will be limited to one schedule.

          One of the Publisher features is that you can select multiple triggers.


          You could use the EDX trigger method, than you can use the Windows Task Scheduler or a third party tool to schedule your triggers.

          see:Using EDX in QlikView 11

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              Hi Paul,

              Thanks for the reply; no, I don't have publisher.

              One wrinkle is that I need to distribute this architecture to the world at large: and I don't want to have to rewrite whatever I'm doing for each instance. That said, task scheduler terrifies me. Some folks may have it turned off, some hamstrung, etc.  First, what forum do you recommend? Second: Is Task scheduler my fate? I suspect I could write a control script that would act like a traffic cop: ensuring a schedule was kept and there were no 'colliding reloads'. But I'd really like a more elegant solution, if possible