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    Chart with Produced Quantaties

    Lukas Amann


      Hello Everyone,

      Iam new to Qlikview and struggle with a Chart. This might be a simple Question but i didnt found anything useful on the Web.

      I want to create a chart where you see the Produced Quantaties in Year, Month, Week, Day.

      Since i have all the Information, it is no Problem to Display this in a chart. My problem is, in a view where you should see from Monday to Sunday and there was no Production on Sunday, it will not Display the day Sunday. It stops at Saturday.

      So I made another Table with a Calendar with all the Dates (Years, Month and Days.)

      Then i Joined the 2 Tables which worked fine.

      But still, even if I take the new Week table as Dimension, it will not Display the Sunday.

      What iam doing wrong?



      Thanks for your Answers!