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    Box plot wizard .. help?

      Hi All,

      Wondered if anyone can point me in the right direction, I’m having some issues creating a couple of box plots that display data which isn’t linked to user selections from a drop down menu.

      I’ve tried to create the plots using an expression which includes ({1(< ....

      sum({1<[Participant] = {'Participant A', ' Participant B ', 'Participant C', 'Participant D', 'Participant E', 'Participant F', 'Participant G', ' Participant H', 'Participant I', 'Participant J', 'Participant K', 'Participant L'}, [Procedure] = {'Procedure A'}>} [Proportion (%)]) 


      The plots are accurate when all participants are selected but they are still linked to the drop down. Example attached. Any help advice on where I’m going wrong greatly appreciated.

      Thanks, Rob.