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    Pie, bar and funnel visualization

    Felipe Carrera


      is it possible to create Charts like the ones showed below? Basically

      1. Pie Chart and Bar Chart (i used MekkoChart): Separation lines must be transparent and when possible in different line styles, like dashed or solid (see bar Chart).

      2. Pie Chart cannot have the pie line border (i got this with a gauge Chart)

      3. For the pie Chart on the right, i used a gauge Chart, but get difficulties to Display "n" Dimension values, this is, a variable number of Dimension values (say not a Limit of 2 or 3 or 4, but more than 10 increasing from time to time)

      4. Is it possible to have the same for funnel Charts? no plot area border, and a transparent Separation line between Dimension values (or Color segments),

      thanks for any Feedback or idea of how to do this