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    Desktop license for server app



      A client asked me to modify one its Qlikview Apps. He is using a Qlikview Server and 10-15 staff are using this app. I am OK with Qlikview but have so far worked only with the free - personal edition. Now I have 2 questions :


      #1 - Will the Desktop Edition @ 1,300$ give me access to the developer functionnalities required to modify this app ? And once it is modified, will my client be able to use it with its QlikView Server ? 


      #2 - How do I buy a Desktop license ? The Qlik website redirect me to the French sales service ... Can't I buy this license online with a credit card ?





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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          1. Yes, such a license will give you all you need. But if you work on-site for your client perhaps you can lease a license from their Qlikview server. For that to work their server should have a free named user license available for you and the option license lease should be enabled.

          2. You can't licenses online afaik. You'll have to contact a sales representative (or perhaps a Qlikview Partner can help you purchase a license)

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            Crystal clear, thanks !

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              Ronnie Taborn

              What is QlikView Personal Edition?

              • The full version of QlikView Desktop (not a trial version)
              • Free of charge and license key is not required
              • With QlikView Personal Edition you are free to create QlikView documents for personal use
              • It is possible to upgrade to a newer version


              What are the limitations of QlikView Personal Edition?

              • It only works with local documents
              • Cannot share your QlikView documents with other users
              • Cannot load QlikView documents from other users
              • Cannot import an entire document layout into QlikView Personal Edition, e.g. sheets, objects, security settings without data
              • DO NOT attempt to open QlikView documents that you did not create, such as documents from the forums or created by a colleague


              IMPORTANT: QlikView Personal Edition is limited to four recoveries per installation

              What happens if we acquire a full QlikView license?

              • The license key is applied on the existing installation, either through a proper QlikView Desktop license or by leasing a license from QlikView Server 
              • The QlikView Personal Edition installation will become a full QlikView Desktop installation without requiring any additional software

              Is QlikView Personal Edition supported by Qlik Support?

              • Users with a valid license key are entitled to support
              • No license key? Please use QlikCommunity where you can find examples, ideas and answers