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    Connecting from Windows 2008 server to Sharepoint UNC

    Brian Bobyak


      We are having an issue connecting to a sharepoint site, from windows 2008 server.  We are not trying to connect to a file on sharepoint, but rather read the directory listings and retrieve meta data on the files (e.g. name, size, etc).   Out of the box, it was not working and I found through the all-knowing internet  that for Windows 2008 server to navigate sharepoint like a file system, one needs to install Desktop Experience, which I did.  This allows me to connect on the Windows server to a sharepoint folder, using the UNC.  When I make this connection, it requires a username and password for the first connection.   As long as I make this connection on the windows server first, the QlikView code will run to pull in the file attributes.   But, if I do not establish the connection, it does not recognize files in the file list in the inner for loop.  


      Is there a way to have Windows 2008 server connected to Sharepoint and not require the login?    I tried adding the sharepoint sites to the trusted sites on the internet options, but this seems only to affected the http access, not the UNC.   Below is the code in question.  Any help is appreciated.


      There is no error, it just does not go into the for ‘ For Each File in FileList’, when there is no connection already made.


      //Sub routine to check how many excel files in the sharepoint site

      Sub DoDir (Root
      For Each Ext In 'xlsx'
      For Each File In FileList ( Root & '*.' & Ext
      Load '$(File)' as Name
      FileTime('$(File)') as FileTime
      RangeSum(Peek('FileCount'), 1) as FileCount 
      Autogenerate 1; 
      Next File 
      Next Ext 

      For Each Dir In DirList (Root & '\*')
      Call DoDir (Dir
      Next Dir 
      End Sub 

      Call DoDir ('\\some.sharepoint.server\sites1\spzvcxht\ABCD\EFGH\HIJK\Some Folder Name\');