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    Finding the highest word count. To identify trends.

    Brett Nelson

      As I'm sure most people will have a problem with unstructed text fields, for example some people may write two sentences in a comment field while others 3 words or one. I'm looking a way to interrogate a field which may contain 1 word to 5 sentences or more to try and find the most commonly used words, so that we can attempt to discover failure trends.


      For example.


      Operator CommentsMachineJob Number
      Station 3 problemsPress 112345
      Failure on Station issuesPress 223233
      Spill on Station Press 13232323
      Working hard all day and Station issues.


      I want to display counts:-

      Station = 4

      issues = 2

      on = 2


      All others count1?


      There are 1000's of comments so may be best not to have any fix in the script. Also the keys words will change based on date ranges. Any ideas? Thanks.