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    Section Acces - combine a general view and a view by region



      I need to make a dashboard for our stores. Our stores are divided by something like a region. To make it easier to explain I’ll use region. There are more than 15 regions. For each region there's one user who will access QlikView bij the accesspoint.


      The dashboard should look like this:


      • Sheet 1: General data, based on indexes. This data is available for everyone (Admin, managers and the Regions). For example: the user Region1 can see the data from all regions.
      • Sheet 2: More detailed data. This data is available depending on the region. For example the user Region2 can only see the data from his own region. But the managers can see the data from all regions.


      I thought to restrict this with section access.


      For the testing I'll user USERID and PASSWORD but later on I'll change this to NTNAME.


      I've tried the basic selection access based on profile. In the section access part I'll add the profile and in the selection application I'll connect this profile to the field Store_region to restrict the data. This works for sheet 2, but the data in sheet 1 is also restricted (as I've expected).


      I saw that there's also a solution to use sheet access. to set which user can access which sheet in the selection application and with an conditional on the sheet. But this means that I’ll need to make more than 15 sheets. That's okay for once, but seems difficult to maintain.


      What's the best practice to make this?


      There's an extra difficulty that the manager also wishes that the regions on sheet 2 can compare their performance (based on indexes) with the other regions. If you have a solution for this as well this would be nice, otherwise I’ll add this comparison to sheet 1.


      Thanks in Advance.