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    Value in between two variables

    Dennis Hoogenboom

      I am trying to figure out how to work with variables, and I came to this formule which works:

      Sum({$<Omzet.Month={$(=Month(Today(2))-1)}>} Omzet.Netto_orderbedrag)

      It returns the sum of the "Omzet.Netto_orderbedrag" from the previous month (Month(Today(2))-1).


      What I now want is is a formule which returns the "Omzet.Netto_orderbedrag" from several months, for example the 5 months before the previous month. So somewhere in the formule it must have something like this : >=(Month(Today(2))-6) >(Month(Today(2))-1)
      But I don't get it to work, don't know which quote and breaks where to use.

      I am sure you experts know how to do this! :-)