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    Saperate spreadsheet for different dimention in the same object

      Hi ALL


      I would like to output data out of a qlikview object using a macro or anything that is easier to output the following data based on the field "Unique Student identification" in the object. that is for each "Unique Student identification" I would like to have it output to a separate spreadsheet with the name of the worksheet being the student name                               



        Student identification
      TeacherParentStudent number
      Worksheet 11Mike 11937819
      Worksheet 22Mike 26712344
      Worksheet 33Mike 38021020
      Worksheet 44Mike 43323218
      Worksheet 55Mike 52811690
      Worksheet 66Mike 63477021
      Worksheet 77Mike 78545492
      Worksheet 88Mike 85779184


      I would like the data output to 8 different worksheets with the names being for eg "Worksheet 4" for the forth student.


      thank you


      your response will be highly appreciated.