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    Dynamic Page Layout

      I have a data table that I'm displaying on a page along with a container of graphs on the bottom. The number of rows in the table changes depending on the filters that the user has selected. The problem here is that I don't know where to place my container. Ideally I want it to be a fixed height away from the bottom of the data table, but I can't figure out how to do this.


      The only 'workaround' I've found is to copy the chart for every possible combination of filters and then use conditional statements to determine which graph to show, but this seems incredibly inefficient and starts to slow down my page after a while.

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          It seems as if using 'Show Conditional' from the Layout tab is incredibly more efficient than using the Conditional formatting from the 'General' tab, so it doesn't appear like performance will be an issue using this method. Still, my workaround seems like it would violate best practices

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              Vlad Gutkovsky

              That's an often-lamented limitation of QlikView. You can't dynamically position objects using the native interfaces. If you really need to accomplish this, you'd need to write a macro (note: the type of macro you'd need to write would only work in IE Plugin or QV Desktop, not in AJAX). Or you can continue implementing the Conditional Show solution you mentioned. Or you can rewrite your UI requirements. Unfortunately, those are all the way of fixing it that I know.