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    Qlikview Personal Edition Sharing with a licensed .qvw

      I have a user with the Personal Edition and I'm trying to share one of my apps (.qvw) which I created as a licensed user.  When the user tries to open even on the first try he gets the following error:


      This QlikView document was created by another QlikView Personal Edition user or on another computer.  As a QlikView Personal Edition user, you may only open files that you have created on this computer.  This QlikView document has been recovered more times than is allowed by your QlikView Personal Edition license.  You may continue to use QlikView with your Personal Edition license to create and modify other files.


      I thought that we were able to share an app at least one time with a user that has the Personal Edition so they could see if this was a useful app?  What can I do to get him a copy of the app to view one time so he can see if he wants to support this app?  Thanks!

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          A Qlikview Personal Edition installation can open (recover) a document created by another Qlikview installation four times. After those four recoveries have been used up he can only open documents created since. Each time a recovery is used the license key of the QV Personal installation changes and previous created document can't be opened without using another recovery.


          If your user wants to open your document he will have to use up one recovery if the limit of four hasn't been used up. If they are used up he will need to reinstall Qlikview Personal Edition. Preferably after also removing the Qlikview folders in the users AppData folder.

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              Would he be alllowed to open that .qvw and then save as something else to make it his own?  Or would the system still want to recover the four times no matter if he does a save as or not?  What I don't understand is it never even gave him the option to use one of his recoveries, it just gave him that message above the very first time??  So I'm guessing that he needs to try and reinstall and remove all traces of the app, is that correct?

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                  Greg Williams

                  The QlikView Personal Edition is intended to provide a license-free experience and "test drive" of QlikView. It is not intended to be used commercially for a team of users. Personal Editions are restricted to thwart the very activity of sharing numerous qvw files without buying a Named CAL. There is a small business model which might be just right for your organization.


                  The sharing of qvws by installing, uninstalling, ... repeating...is a nuisance and eventually people end up purchasing a license.