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    Reload does not complete, just hangs after load *

    Carolyn Karlsen


      I am having problems reloading a document that reads data from an Oracle database, and creates a qvd-file. The document was running ok in Publisher until Thursday last week. When I try to run the task, it starts, but hangs just a couple of Seconds after the relaod has started. When i og to task manager, I can see qvconnect64 running. When I stop the task, or the task goes to timeout, qvconnect64 is still hanging, and I have to end the process manually. The same thing happens if I try to reload the document manually using QV desktop. But if I try multiple times with QV desktop, it will suddenly reload ok once, and then NeXT time it would run forever. I tried both ODBC and OLE DB, both with the same result.

      Does any one have any idea to why this is happening? The document was reloading ok before. It's not even a large document, it reloads in under 1 minute when its working.