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    Sorting P&L Statement from SAP

    Fredrik Wikberg

      Hi All


      At the moment I am working on a General Ledger project loading data from SAP. I am working with the template that Qlik has created (SAP-FI_General_Ledger_QlikStart) as the base. That works fine. I want to create the general Profit and Loss statement and I know how to link the accounts and create the P&L tables.


      However, I don't know how to get the sorting of the P&L table right. When QV is loading data from SAP for the P&L tables it is loading the data in alphabetical order. Not in the order of the P&L statement.


      Does anyone know where in SAP the sorting of the PandL statement should be? If there is a field in SAP that decided how the sorting of the P&L Statement is but it is not being updated by my client at the moment? I cant find this data and information.


      I am loading data from SETNODE, SKAT, SETHEADERT, SETLEAF at the moment to create the P&L tables and link them to the rest of the data model.


      I am thankful for any help.