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    conditional column on the basis of drilldown

      i have one straight table, in which one column is dril down group.

      currently i have 3 columns name,gross,net,allowances.

      Name is drilldown group upto 3 levels- say manager,teal lead,employee

      Now i want to show 5th column as month when i drii down upto 3rd level as employee.

      meaning when i select 3rd level-employee month column should be added in column



      Name(manager/teamlead)  gross  net  allowances


      when I drill down to level emplyee,table will show month column


      Name(employee)  month gross net allowances



      I tried using getcurrentselection(), but gives me whole hierarchy when go to 3rd level like (manaer:(manager name:) |Teal Lead: (Team lead name) | employee:(employee name))
      how can i check that i have selected employee now ???