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    Subfields not showing all values in listbox

      I am creating a subfields off of MsgCategories and I am having an issue where the Fields I believe hold the correct information, however they are not showing it in The Listbox, In Category1a there are Fields that hold values but do not show up in listboxes, but when I select them they are shown with the correct selected data in the current selections box and table box but not in the list box MsgCategories Help2.gif


      My Second Isssue is that MsgCategories is doing the same thing but for fields that carry numbers in the beginning and only contain one fieldMsgCategories Help3.gif


      I am trying to show all data , and split them by delimiter ;  . I am using    MsgCategories,     SUBFIELD(MsgCategories, ';') AS Category1a,     SUBFIELD(MsgCategories, ';', 2) AS Category1b, As my Script , Is there something wrong? Thank You.