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    show/hide a qvw on accesspoint based on section access?

    Steve Lord

      Hi, Is there a clean way to have a qvw visible in the accesspoint \index\ visible only to users specified via section access within the document, or somewhere around it?


      I know how to hide sheets in a document based on where match(osuser,) stuff in the qvw properties and am exploring ways to hide documents in accesspoint based on criteria like that.  So far I can lock myself completely out of a document, blank/no thumbnail, and mysterious file name, but not yet make it simply invisible to unauthorized people. Thanks!

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          Hi Steve,


          you can do that by creating separate AD groups for your users and distributing your application only to those groups while creating a task from QEMC.QEMC Distribution.jpg

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            Eduardo Sommer

            On the Document Settings, Server Tab, check the "Filter AccessPoint Document List Based on Section Access" option. This will filter out any document in which the user is not listed in the Section Access.



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              Steve Lord

              Thanks this worked.  I actually bopped back to a little qlikview primer for section access, and the first couple pages of that (after all the contents and warning pages) had screenshots that lead me to the insert->section access-> inline table wizard in the edit script area.  (and the file-> create hidden script bit as well)


              Looking at the wizard the desired selections were intuitive (you have like 2 choices in one spot, and a couple of options in another).  I didn't nab the url for the section access primer, but it was top two or so picks on google and linked to qlikcommunity here or so.  I also advise other people to start tinkering a few pages in rather than try to read it all first.  If you're aware of more layers of authentication, read as far as you need to to find section access settings for the layers you have, but reading the whole thing off the bat might cause info overload and missing or forgetting the parts relevant to you.. Really propably okay once you read far enough to find the section access wizard as long as you align the section access settings with existing authentication settings (vs creating new sets of ids and passwords on top of existing ones).


              And, after getting my little section access; inline table bit in the script of a test qvw; that checkbox on the settings->Document Properties->server tab has something to work with, and your document only shows for people you want it to show for. .


              The QEMC response got a helpful because it looks like it might work.  I'm just working with regular qvmc.