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    Link two columns  in Pivot Chart (other connection in table structure)

      Hey everyone,

      I am relatively new to Qlikview and have a question:

      In my table structure I have two tables that are connected to each other by a key (possible n:m - connection). In both tables there is a column that could also be connected but because of the complicated table structure (in real, not in the example attached) this is not possible.

      What I now want is to sum values of both tables having the unconnected column as a dimension which means I have to pick the ConnectColumn1 (table 1) to sum up Value1 (of table 1). Now I want to sum up value 2 (where ConnectColumn2=ConnectColumn1 in table 2). Can you tell me how to do this? I am sure there is a way with Set-Analysis but I dont really get it.

      I attach a very simple example.


      Thanks a lot, guys!