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    bar chart, accumulate the last month

    ddc dcd


      i have a bar chart that show a count by month, the last month is the actual month.

      is there anyway to do that the last bar (the actual month) could accumulate the value of the last month and current month.

      for example in this table

      =monthname(Fecha)count( DISTINCT Valor)
      mar 20134
      abr 20131
      may 20131
      jun 20133
      jul 20133
      ago 20131
      sep 20131
      oct 20131
      nov 20131
      dic 20132
      ene 20142
      feb 20141
      mar 20141
      abr 20143
      may 20142
      jun 20141
      jul 20141



      i need that the last bar that represent July 2014  accumulate the value of jun 2014 and jul 2014 and then show value 2 instead of 1.

      i have attach an example.

      thanks in advance for your help