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    Document License

    Robert Lipschitz

      Hi Everyone


      I need to work on a single Qlikview document, edited by two people, and then sent to be used in an organisation which is fully licensed.


      Whats the cheapest route.


      a) two document licenses?

      b) I have a name license (around 1300 dollars) and he has a personal edition - but will he be able to open it IF HE CREATES it, then I edit it, and send back?


      Is there a monthly rental option?





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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          a) To work on a document you need a named user license. Document licenses are not enough for developing with Qlikview Desktop.


          b) He may be able to open the document after you edited it if his QV PE installation has not used up all four recoveries. But that will change the license key of his PE installation and prevent him from opening documents he created before.


          There is no monthly rental option. But if you can connect with your clients Qlikview Server, for example when you work on-site, and their Qlikview Server has License lease enabled and a free user cal then perhaps you can lease a license. A leased license will stay active for 30 days and allow you to develop during that period.

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              Robert Lipschitz

              Thanks. To be sure I understand:


              a) a document license only allows you to VIEW a document, but not edit, create content, etc....?


              b) if a QVPE creates a document, and that document is then sent to a user with a Named license, who then edits the document, and sends it back to the ORIGINAL QPVE user....will that QPVE user be able to open/edit document (assuming his already used up his four attempts) on the basis that he created document originally?