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    add data from qlik objects in extensions

      Hi everyone,


      I'm trying to access data from a qlikview object into an extension. Yes i could add dimensions and measures directly to the extension using this.Data but can we have similar features with other qlikview objects.

      I had a look at some other posts in the community as well as internet blogs but it's not clear, at least for me, if this is possible.


      1st option tried:

      var qvDoc = Qv.GetCurrentDocument();

      var qvObj = qvDoc.GetObject('CH12');

      var qvObjData = qvObj.Data;

      alert(qvObj.length); //Returns blank


      2nd option tried:

      var qvObj = qva.GetQvObject('CH12',function() {});

      var qvObjData = qvObj.Data;

      alert(qvObj.length); //returns an error


      One way or the other I can't access the data from the object CH12.

      In addition, does anyone know the proprieties of qva.GetQvObject?


      Thanks in advance,