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    null value

    amir ohev shalom

      Hello all,


      I have a table column that possess multiple values, some of which appears with the symbol -, it seems to me that it is NULL.

      I want to add list box to choose the values and when it appears in the sign  - appears to me NULL for example a particular text.


      How do I do this without making a change script if possible?

      I read a bit on the subject and I left confused and would love if you could help me.



      Thanks in advance

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          Diego Fernando Caivano

          Hi Amir,


          You won't be able to select null values from any chart or field because of how QlikView works.


          The only way I have analyzed and filtered null values is by replacing them previously in the script.



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            Jaime Aguilar


            you can use the function NULLASVALUE. You have to go to script and type this:


            NULLASVALUE YourField;

            Set NullValue = 'N/A';


            the second line is a system variable called NullValue which lets you assign a default value to nulls. So you can set whatever text you want (instead of 'N/A'). This way when you reload script and create a listbox, you'll see that null values have been assigned with a selectable value,