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    "Too many document CALs allocated" problem while assigning CAL assignment to qlikview document

      Hi All,


      We have been using Qlikview 2011 server and we have 15 document CAL available on the server. We had just started development in Qlikview and developed and uploaded two-three reports though we have plans to upload many more in future. But after assigning document CAL to two reports (For the first one we have given access to 9 users for the second 4 users) when we are trying to assign document CALs to a third report (4 in this case) it is throwing an error "Too many document CALs allocated". We have selected "Allow dynamic CAL assignment" checkbox for all report. Where are we going wrong ? Please suggest a way so that we can use this 15 Document CALs and 5 user CALs effectively to give access to maximum number of users.




      Sanchayan Bane