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    Second "Totals" row required

    Edwin Anderson

      Good day,


      I have a chart where I add a totals line, which is working fine.  What I would like to do is to add another "totals/averages" line which shows the related averages.  The figure attached indicates the required output:


      Would this be possible at all ?


      Kind regards


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          Friedrich Hofmann

          Hi Edwin,


          sure that would be possible, though I couldn't tell you out_of_the_box how to do it. You would need that average as a native field on scripting_level, I guess - or you could calculate it dynamically on the GUI.

          Best regards,



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            Marcus Sommer

            You could have only one total-row for a certain calculation in a table-chart. To achieve your needs you could do for example:


            - using a further dimension year in a pivot with if(dimensionality() = 0, then, else)

            - a second table-chart without month only with your averages directly positioned under your first chart

            - an additionally value in your month-field called avg and a if-loop in your expressions with if(month = avg, then, else)

            - using of textboxes for each expression


            - Marcus

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              Suresh Baabu


              I believe we don't have a direct way of achieving this using the any of the Chart type.

              But, you could try creating 7 text object, place them in the same order as ordered on the table view and the define the expressions.