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    State of different sheets

    Ashley Navin

      I have five sheets in my qlikview document. Three of the sheets are the same "alternate state" so that the current selections transfer across sheets. The other two are their own separate states. I want to make the last two sheets the same state so the current selections will transfer across all five sheets.

      My problem is that there are different variable that represent the same thing on the two different types of "alternate state". Is there a way I can manipulate the current selections or something to make it so if either of the two variables has a selection, it works for both?




      One sheet is using the variable "Stage" as the stage of the loan. The other sheet uses the variable "PresentStage" as the stage of the loan. The two variables are necessary because they are coded to display a certain stage for the loans. But when I make a selection in "Stage" I would like the selection to also be made in "PresentStage" and vice versa. Is there any way to do this??