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    Create a task to email a chart

      I am new to Qlikview Publisher.  I need to schedule a task to email a distribution list a particular chart within my qlikview document.  Is this possible?  If yes, how?  Thanks.

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          Jaime Aguilar


          I think there's no way to do exactly what you want. However with publisher you can generate a reduced version of your original qvw that includes only the information related to that specific chart and then send it to any distribution list,



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              That is helpful.  How do I create a reduced version of only one chart?  There are multiple charts on each report.

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                  Jaime Aguilar

                  Hi, if you want a reduced version of you original qvw with just one (or whatever number) chart you can do the following:


                  1: Go to management console > documents > source documents > locate your original qvw and create a new task

                  2. In the tab documents > source documents >reduce, go to the Reduced Document Name and put something different than "%SourceDocumentName%", so your original qvw won't be overwritten. Instead you'll create a new qvw that will be a reduced version.

                  3. Click in Open document so, you can see all the available fields and your possible values. Make the selections you need, so the document gets reduced to the point of including just what it's relevant for your chart(s).


                  4. You won't need the loop and reduce part unless you wanted to create multiple reduced versions. So leave like it is. Remember to press apply so the changes get saved.

                  5. In the tab Distribute, go to the option Manually and you have 3 options: If you use the Distribute to Server option then your reduced version will be sent directly to the root folder of your server, so you'll see this document in the access point, without changing anything else. The second option is to distribute it to a particular folder, but then you'll have to make sure that the folder is mounted to the server, so you can see this qvw in accesspoint. Finally if you want to send the qvw via e-mail then select the distribute via e-mail option.



                  6. After this, open the reduced qvw in QlikView Desktop and delete all the objects that you don't want in this version and make any design change you need.


                  7. Depending on what you need, your issue can be solved either with Section Access or with Publisher. You may find further information reading this posts:





                  hope this helps,



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                Yes this can be done.
                Create a report in your qvw, and then distribute this to the users email adress.


                Or use of bookmarks, you can distribute a specifc bookmark