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    Read SAP directory flat files from Unix server

      Dear Qlikview Enthusiast,


      I am running on old version of SAP connector version 5.30 with no report connector.

      I have a report that generates a text file to the SAP UNIX directory server. Now, my question is, is there anyway I can get QV to read from this path or from the T-Code AL11 ? We have a staging solution in place by FTP, but I would like to do it with no other dependencies, meaning to use QV SAP Connector to read this flat file. Do advice if this is possible and if there are any other work around for this.






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          Yaniv Feldman

          Hi Ram


          the SAP connector extracts table/report/extractor/bapi data. it doesnt extract files.


          if you want to load the files to qlikview - you need to create a mapping between the unix folder and the windows file system. this will enable qlikview to load the data from the xls file



          another option is to use the sap report connector to extrat the data from the spool entry created by the report (instead of the file)