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    Problem with Alternate States-Expression

    Michael Diepold

      Hello everybody,


      i have a little problem with visualizing an alternate-states-expression within a table chart.


      My intention is to compare two month-based costs of a material. In a further step i'd like to calculate the difference between the two values but at the moment i have an other problem.


      Have a look at the following screenshot:

      The chart table has the dimensions 'Material' and 'Period'. The first expression shows the costs for the material for the 3 selected periods (april, may, june).


      The second expression uses the alternate state 'Basis' and the selection of the listbox "Monat Basis". The expression is sum({Basis <[Material] = $::[Material]>} [Material Costs]).


      I expected that i get 1,62 in all 3 lines. Unfortunately it shows just 1,62 for June. The values for may and april are 0.


      How can i geht the values for both periods ('Basis' and '$') in 1 chart, so that i can do further calculations with the columns?


      Thank you for your help