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    Count of all compared with count based on selection

    Ben Roberts

      Hi all,


      I am trying to measure product penetration among a client base by comparing total number of clients and number of clients holding 'X' where X is selected dynamically.


      In tabular format, I need the output to look something like the following:


      BankerTotal Clients# Clients Holding X


      I think the thing that is making this tricky is that I want X to be dynamic. I have a list box with stock names in it, e.g. Apple, Google, Microsoft. When I select one of these values, I want the #clients holding X to update but total clients will always be the same.


      I have been experimenting using Count(Clients) for 'clients holding X' and Count(TOTAL Clients) for all clients but I am getting the same number for total clients for all Bankers.


      I experimented with AGGR function but could not get this to produce the correct number either. I have a feeling this is a simple solution but I am drawing a blank...