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    user-calls - doc-calls

    Kris Vliegen

      Hi all,


      I have a question about user en doc-calls.

      At the moment we only use user-calls but we have alse 5 doc-calls.


      We would like to have if a user has no user or doc-call, Qlikview automatic uses a user-call to open a document for that user.

      We don't want to manage the user-calls. But in the company we sometimes clear users who are a long time not active on qlikview.

      But if the wan't to connect again to qlikview. Qlikview must automatic give a user-call to this user.


      If a user has a doc-call and he will to connect to that dasboard, Qlikview has to use that doc-call. But if he will open an other dashboard, Qlikview should block this.


      We only have security on windows-maps, not on the reports.




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          Mohammed Ashfaq Ali



          In this case I would suggest you following.

          1) Determine regular users and assign them Named cal. Uncheck Allow dynamic cals.

          Next time if any user wan't to have access to named cal you need to add here manually.


          2) Allocate document cal to a document and check allow dynamic cal, So whenever a users comes in he will be allocated a document cal. You can remove document cal if not use more then 24 hours, by this you will be generating space for another user. If at all any user come he will be allocated Document cal automatically if available.