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    Set Hive parameters from Qlikview


      I am working on a external hive table that was created on top of HBase.

      When i was trying to run queries like "select * from sampletable;" is working fine in qlikview, but when i try to run queries like

      " select * from sampletable where sampdate>'2014-05-05'; " , the qlikview is hanging.

      the same query when i tried to run from Hive Command line interface it is working when the following properties are set



      set hbase.zookeeper.quorum=example1,example2,example3;

      set zookeeper.znode.parent=/hbase;



      the  properites i am trying to set in qlikview and run the query, even then the query is not wroking.

      Qlikview is not able to set the hive properties i guess, ia musing the hortonworks hive ODBC driver.



      Anyone worked on this type of issues, please help



      Thanks in Advance