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    Urgent question: looking back in month

    dick elsman

      Hi all,


      I am building a dashboard that will show a profit and loss chart on year and month specific fields, with drilldown to costspecific dimension

      (see attached files)


      I want to have 2 charts:

      1 chart will be responding to my selections.

      Here is the catch:

      The second chart will show data on every month that is before the month i selecteded.


      so for example:


      I select 'June'

      So in the first chart i will only see my costspecific values for 'June'

      Next, in the second chart, i want to see my costspecific values for every mont up to 'June' (so it will show Jan, Feb, Apr, Mar, Mai)


      I want to do this without using alternate states, because other selections do have to affect the behaviour of both charts.

      Also, i do not want fix this with:











      if you see the term 'Omzet', it means Profit, and 'Kosten' means Costs.


      Thanks in advance!


      Best regards,