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    Can we pre-create tasks before clustering QDS/Publishers?

    Travis Dirmyer

      Hello all,


      I am looking into QlikView Server QDS/Publisher clustering. Is it possible to pre-create tasks from shared source documents (source docs visibile/accessable to both QDSs) and have all QDS's/Publishers use the tasks properly post clustering? All the guides I have seen show fresh/new QlikView deployments and after the clustering, admins go and create their tasks post-cluster.


      If I can setup tasks prior to clustering, I can take a PROD environment with hundreds of tasks, and pre-configure it before I cluster. No "migration" necessary. Just new tasks, and then add an additional QDS/publisher when task setup completed?


      I am trying to avoid having to migrate to a new set of servers to complete the cluster.


      QlikView Server 11.2 SR4 on Windows Server 2008


      thank you all.

      -Travis Dirmyer