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    401 unauthorized error with singleobject.htm

    Ilona Derckx



      We're trying to load an object from a Qlikview document into an iFrame.


      Getting the webticket works fine.

      When we use opendoc.htm it works fine.


      When we use singleobject.htm we get a 404 unauthorized error on Authenticate.aspx: "You do not have permission to view this directory or page."


      On the webserver the files opendoc.htm and singleobject.htm are in the same folder with the same windows security rights.


      We call the singleobject.htm with: singleobject.htm?document=UserDocs%2FDelta%20Monitor_3001.qvw&back=/LoginPage.htm&webticket=...&object=CH38 (gives error)


      The call with opendoc.htm is: opendoc.htm?document=UserDocs/Delta%20Monitor_3001.qvw  (works fine)


      Has anyone a clue where to find the solution?